My Doula Packages


Birth Package


(2) Prenatal Visits

 Assistance with Birth Planning

Pregnancy help

Basic Childbirth education 

Healthy options

Labor Preparedness Session

Labor positions and comfort measures

On call 24/7 until the birth of the baby

Continuous Labor Support

(2) PostPartum Visits

-$800 -


Mama Moon Package

For Expecting Mamas who need an extra hand preparing for their new little bundle. I assist with creating a list of newborn needs, baby-proofing, evaluating necessities, offering prenatal support and childbirth education. Need a hand freezing meals, preparing your hospital bag, washing clothes? Or do you have some pre-labor jitters and have some questions on what to expect and your options? This is the package for you. 

 (2 day of Service (6hrs each or 1 day; 12hr visit) 



NewBorn Care Package

Transitioning into parenthood can be very difficult, but never fear, your Doula is here! With this package we assess ways to create a smoother transition into parenthood with different childrearing methods as options. Want to know how to babywear, best methods of cosleeping or just need a few hours of shut eye ?  Myself and my team of additional Doulas and Baby Nurses are readily available depending on your needs. 

(2 day of Service (6hrs each or 1 day; 12hr visit)

-$350 -

Menu of Services / Price List

All Services are available through skype or phone as well as in person.

Healing Session with Chey & Co.

Everyone is in need of healing; this package is for those who may want to learn different methods of self-care, self-love or who may just need to escape and realign themselves with all that they are wishing to manifest. Let  my team and I transform your space into one of healing available for individuals or groups , moms or dads, young or old .  3 hrs of meditation, deep breathing, movement, and massages with additional services that can be added on.  

Package Price Starts at $300 

Additional Service Add On's: 

  • Nourishing foods either catered or prepared on site 
  • Natural Juices or Smoothies made on site
  • Tarot Reading
  • Yoga Session
  • Herbal Tea Presentation/Party 
  • V-Steaming
  • Womb Wellness Talk


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