Client Testimonials

 Being a registered nurse myself, I initially planned to have a traditional birth experience in the hospital (me, family & hospital staff only). When the option of introducing a doula to my experience, I was pleased to learn of the additional support during labor and delivery that would be provided. Not only was the services provided during the birth but pre-birth and post partumn. For 12 hours Chey went above and beyond with her support and services, to ease contractions and any stress. In addition, her communication was impeccable via email and phone calls with support and accessibility to answer any questions or concerns. If I were to have another baby, I would utilize a doula during the labor and delivery process again as it was very effective in providing additional support and since my experience i have recommended the services to family and friends. 

-Jatona D  

I’m beyond grateful things aligned in my life the way they did and I was able to meet Chey and have her be part of my birth. From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted a natural home birth. Originally I wanted it to be completely unassisted but as birth grew nearer, I decided I wanted a Doula present to have that birth expertise without medical interventions. Having her there for my birth was one of the best decisions I made regarding my birth. She was so great from beginning to end and still continues to support me even after giving birth. During my birth, her energy and presence was so comforting. She constantly reminded me of my strength and ability and I’m so glad I had her assistance. She gave me massages, she utilized essential oils, she gave direction to my partner, she respected me and whatever i wanted throughout the entire process. Every woman deserves a Doula and Chey is certainly one of the best. She is well informed and will support you no matter what path you choose for your birth. Invest in yourself and your baby, choose an amazing Doula like Chey to be on your team!  
 -Melissa J